Holy Trinity Primary School

"Rooted in Christ, Growing Together"

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Governors Information

Full Governing Body Dates


All meetings are held on a Monday at 6:15pm

12th October 2020

14th December 2020

1st February 2021

22nd March 2021

24th May 2021

5th July 2021

Foundation Governors Dates

All meetings are held on a Monday

Dates for 2020-21 to be confirmed

Sub Committee meetings

In order to undertake its business more efficiently, the Full Governing Body delegates certain areas to committees. These committees meet once a term and have the delegated power to make decisions about the school according to their terms of reference. The committees and their meeting-dates are as follows:

Sub-Committee Dates 2020-21

Minutes of these committee meetings must be taken accurately and distributed to all governors, as the delegation entails important decision making.

Copies of minutes of all meetings are held in the Headteacher’s file (Head’s office) and in that held by the Clerk.

Anyone wishing to add an item to a sub-committee meeting should advise the Chair of that committee or the Headteacher at least 8 days before the next meeting.

Pecuniary Business Interest Register and Attendance

Appointment Pecuniary Interests Register 202021

Governor Attendance 201920

Equality report to governors October 2019

Summary Minutes

Summary of Governor Meetings T2 202021

Summary of Governor Meetings T1 202021

Meetings Summary T6 201920

Meetings Summary T5 201920

Meetings Summary T4 201920

Meetings Summary T3 201920

Meetings Summary T2 201920

Meetings Summary T1 201920

Meetings Summary T6 201819

Meetings Summary T5 201819

Meetings Summary T4 201819

Meetings Summary T3 201819

Meetings Summary T2 201819

Meetings Summary T1 201819