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Creative Curriculum

Welcome to our Creative Curriculum!

The teachers have chosen broad topic headings through which pupils will learn the statutory elements of the National Curriculum: science; history; geography; art; design and technology; computer skills; music. The teaching of writing will also be linked to the Creative Curriculum topics wherever possible.

Other subjects, such as maths, RE, PE and French at KS2, will continue to be taught separately.

In this section you will find the ‘Creative Curriculum Theme Plans’ for your child’s class. There is one for each topic the class will study.

At Key Stage 1 classes will study six topics (one per short term) and at Key Stage 2 classes will study three larger topics (one per two terms).

Within every unit, opportunities have been identified to develop the children’s creativity, perseverance and spirituality, three qualities we value particularly highly in our school and wish to nurture in our pupils. These are shown in each of the unit planners.

Key Stage 1 Units

Key Stage 2 Units

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