"Rooted in Christ, Growing Together"


Music is such a fun way for us to celebrate and worship God and at Holy Trinity School we love to sing! We sing in assemblies, in class in all our school celebrations, in choir and on all sorts of special occasions. Adults often accompany the children on various different musical instruments to help encourage some of our many budding musicians in the school. Lots of our pupils take up the wider opportunities to learn an instrument at school. There are lessons in keyboard, guitar, flute, violin, drums and trumpet. Many of our musicians take part in the school orchestra and some join larger orchestras provided by South Gloucestershire ‘Music Hubs’. There are many musical special events through the year such as the year 2 music festival, year 4 drumming workshops, year six extravaganza end of year show and the choir Christmas performance at the Willow Brook Centre to name a but few.

At Holy Trinity School we value music and recognise the wonderful enjoyment that it brings and the enrichment it provides to our school community. Music teaching helps to develop creativity, imagination, listening skills and the ability to express thoughts, opinions and feelings. It also develops children’s ability to take part in practical activities, both individually and in groups.

In class teachers use ‘Music Express’ which is a carefully-structured progressive scheme of work for music, integrating singing, playing, listening, creating and composing. Each unit has a musical focus, e.g. exploring sounds, beat, pitch, performance. The musical development progresses through each age group. We have a large selection of tuned and unturned percussion instruments for the pupils to use in lessons and find regular opportunities in school for our musicians to perform at whole school events.

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