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School Uniform is available from Monkhouse and should be ordered online from the Monkhouse Website.

It is our aim that all children should wear our school uniform because it provides a sense of unity and belonging to the school. We ask parents to encourage children to take a pride in their personal appearance and to insist that sensible clothes and footwear are worn.

The uniform comprises: Grey pinafores, skirts or trousers together with white/blue polo shirts or white blouses/shirts and royal blue sweatshirts with school logo. Summer uniform is yellow checked or striped dresses, with a royal blue cardigan. Shorts for boys or girls should be knee length and grey or black.

Trainers may not be worn for school apart from at playtimes and for PE, and sensible black footwear is encouraged. During the summer we do not allow flip flops, sandals that have a heel or which allow the foot to slip. During the winter or when the weather is very wet, children may wear boots to school but must change into suitable school shoes on arrival at school.

All these items of clothing are ideal for active children to work in at school, the exact combination reflecting the family’s preference. Extremes of fashion are not acceptable or appropriate. Children may wear a watch in school or stud earrings, but no other items of jewellery will be allowed. This is in line with our Health & Safety Policy. All hair below shoulder length must be tied back for school. Any makeup, including nail varnish or nonpermanent hair colour should not be worn to school. Additionally, pupils should not bring hair gels/deodorants/sprays in their bags. Please ensure that all items are labelled clearly with the child’s name.

Each child must have a PE kit. This consists of daps or trainers, golden yellow or white tee shirts, black shorts or PE skirt and a drawstring bag to contain them. During the winter, warm jogging trousers and tops should be worn when doing outdoor games. Children wearing earstuds will be asked to remove them for PE. The only circumstances in which earrings may be covered with tape for PE is during the first 6 weeks following piercing. Children w ith medical conditions, which affect the removal of earrings, will need a doctor’s letter stating why the earrings cannot be removed. This is in line with the guidelines from the LA Health & Safety Department and the PE Association.

Please mark all items clearly with your child’s name. Children should not bring any ‘precious’ or valuable items, including electronic games to school we cannot accept responsibility if they get lost or damaged. No toys, unless specifically requested by teachers.

Jewellery can cause accidents at school and should not be worn. If your child has pierced ears, please would you ensure that only studs are worn to school for reasons of safety. It is unacceptable for children to wear multiple pairs of earrings, have nose studs or any form of body piercing.


Children in upper KS2 often walk to and from school on their own and may bring their mobile phone with them for safety reasons. On arrival in school the phone MUST be switched off and handed over to the school office who will keep it in a locked cupboard for safekeeping. At the end of the school day it is the responsibility of the child to collect their phone from the office. The school accepts no responsibility for mobile phones brought into school.

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