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Year 1 Cedars

Welcome to The Cedars

Class Teacher: Mrs Sarah Pope

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Kelly Fear

Year Group: Year 1

Age Range: 5-6 years


Class Information

Hello and welcome to the Year 1 home page.

Year 1 is your child’s first step into the main body of the school. They will be taught to become more independent both socially and academically, so you will definitely notice a difference this year!

Some children will find moving to a new class a little stressful and may take a little longer to settle than others (Some parents too!). DON’T WORRY they will settle in their own time and we will give them all the support and encouragement they need.

We begin with a very play-based approach to lessons but work towards more formal independent learning as the year progresses. We try to make the transition as smooth as possible so that they don’t even realise it’s happening.

We will also teach social skills and independence i.e. How to interact with others, people’s feelings and manners, changing themselves for PE, being responsible for their things. Children need to bring in fresh, labelled water bottles every day. Thirsty children do not work so well!

We will encourage the children to abide by the schools Golden Rules and help them to produce their own class rules.

There is a house point system in place for all children in school which they take to their next class. In class we have a cloud based behaviour system for good behaviour, good manners, being kind, effort and work. Getting onto the sunshine = 1 house point. They can also have instant house points for exceptional work or behaviour. Warnings, grey, black clouds and time out systems are used progressively for undesirable behaviour. We aim to get lots of children on the sunshine.

Below are listed the activities and the days they fall on. At the bottom of the page is a topic cycle for the year, and a timetable (subject to change).

We hope this has been informative but please feel free to make an appointment after school to see Mrs Pope if you have any queries or concerns. Please avoid Mondays & Thursdays as there are staff meetings after school.

Letters and Downloads

Coming soon…

Class Time Table

Topic Overview


Wednesday & Thursday – Kit should be in all week (all kit must have names inside) Earrings must not be worn, they must either be removed or taped over.

Show and Tell

We hold a show and tell session every Friday and children are encouraged to bring objects into class connected to our topic for that term. A letter will be sent out at the beginning of each term advising which Friday is your child’s show and tell. Please note due to time restrictions only 1 or 2 items can be brought into school.

Curriculum for this year

Terms 1 and 2 : Once upon a time

In this topic we begin with a fairy tale wow day where the children dress up as their favourite fairy tale character. The children plant beanstalk seeds and have a fairy tale hunt around the school for lots of different goodies and baddies from fairy tales.  We also learn about our royal family as well as some history on Kings and Queens.  In science we label body parts and learn about our senses. We learn the names of some different trees and plants and find out more about the seasons and weather. We design and make pictures out of fruit and we learn about internet safety. In term two we prepare for our Christmas nativity and make lots of Christmas artwork as well as write letters to Santa!

Terms 3 and 4 : Trains and Planes

This is a new topic based on transport and travel. It will involve a big collaborative art project to create a huge wall display through collage, drawing, painting, sewing and weaving. We will be studying some of the history of transport and making a moving vehicle. We will be having a treasure hunt around school. In computers we will use  the internet to find out  the names of the continents and oceans. We will be designing our moving vehicle on an art programme using the computers. In science we will be doing some fun experiments with cars.

Terms 5 and 6 : Wriggle and fly!

Our last topic is based on animals and will include a trip to visit some wildlife. We are excited to add a new focus to this topic which will involve learning about dinosaurs. In Science we learn about different animals and what they eat. We also learn about different materials and have an animal sculpture making Wow day. We will be doing some research about dinosaurs using the computers and doing some data handling work on pets. The children will also be taking photos of plants and animals.


Writing practice or phonics every morning in their morning books.

Tricky and High Frequency Words – Over the year we will be introducing Tricky and H/F Words to your child, this will continue into year 2 or 3 depending on the speed at which your child works. We have divided the year one words into bronze, ruby, silver and gold levels and operate a reward system for obtaining a level. We will be sending these out in due course. We encourage children to use these words within their written work.

What we aim for by the end of the year – Children develop at different rates and therefore some or all of the following should be obtained by the end of the year:

  • Forming letters and numbers correctly.
  • Ensuring letters and numbers are not written backwards (orientation).
  • Knowing the difference between a letter, a word and a sentence.
  • Using finger spaces between their words.
  • The use of capital letters in the correct places.
  • The use of full stops in the correct places.
  • Start to use other types of punctuation: commas, exclamation marks and question marks.
  • Use connecting words i.e. and, but, so, because.
  • Interesting words i.e. glowed, horrible, laughed, whisper.
  • To be able to read and understand their own writing and that of others.
  • To convey meaning in their work.
  • Writing fiction and non-fiction.
  • Use different endings on a root verb.
  • Use past tense correctly.

Reading Books – All reading books should be brought into school every day.

The diary can also be used as a channel for communication but feel free to make an appointment with the teacher if you have any concerns.

Non-negotiables – We expect the children to always do their best handwriting. They need to aim to use finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. Each time they write we encourage them to look at this list and see how they can improve their work!

What to expect – We give your child a school ‘stage’ book, with which we assess their progress, and let them choose a ‘free reading’ book that can be read to or with your child. We will also offer your child a ‘support’ book if English isn’t their first language or if they need a little bit of a booster when reading.

Comprehension – The school will consistently monitor the comprehension of your child’s reading. Some children may be able to read fluently but are unable to understand or recall the contents of a book. Please don’t get worried or frustrated if your child stays on the same level for a while as we are constantly monitoring their progress and will move them up when we know they have a solid understanding of the content. We also look for a child to be able to read 95% of the words within their book before moving them up. It has a detrimental effect on your child if pushed to go to a higher reading stage before they are ready as they can become very frustrated. We want the children to enjoy reading.

Some of the things we look for:

  • Fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Expression
  • Retelling the story
  • Understanding of characters
  • Prediction
  • Inference
  • Knowing where to find a title and sub title
  • Understanding of different fonts
  • Knowing how to use an index and contents page effectively
  • Be able to find page numbers and content within a page
  • Knowing the difference between fiction and non-fiction
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