"Rooted in Christ, Growing Together"

Year 4 Rowans

Class teachers: Mrs Dawson (Mon-Tues) and Mrs Silvester (Weds-Fri)

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Langworthy / Mrs Nikki Ball

Year Group: Year 4

Age Range: 8-9 years


Class Information

Welcome to Rowans!

Curriculum for this year…

Term 1&2 – The Romans

Term 3&4 – Eco-Heroes

Term 5&6 – Eureka!

A few reminders for the week…

Please have PE kits in school and remain there until Friday, as our PE slots are on a Monday and Friday. Please feel free to provide the children with warmer clothes for PE as the weather gets cooler.

Homework is due! Please bring books into school with completed homework and learnt spellings… our test will be on a Tuesday.

Homework will be sent home today. This might be Maths, English, Topic or anything else we may have covered during the week that I would like the children to consolidate at home. Spellings will also be sent home in homework books, which will include spellings from the National Curriculum and words that the children may have spelled incorrectly in their work, so they can really get the hang of them.

PE day again… Please make sure kits are in.

Other information

We have adopted a new strategy to improve our writing called ‘non-negotiables’. This is a list of different writing elements that the children must include in all pieces of their writing. In the Rowans, we have agreed these to be our non-negotiables: Capital letters, full stops, commas and all other punctuation Where appropriate), fronted adverbials, paragraphs, conjunctions, adjectives, making our handwriting as neat or neater than the previous piece of work, writing in full sentences and checking spellings with a dictionary.

The children should have a school bag into which they can put their reading book, homework and other items. This helps to prevent homework etc from being lost.

Children benefit from having regular drinks of water during the school day. They may bring water bottles to school but it would be good if they could be leak proof to avoid spillages!

The children may bring their own fruit for morning break or money for fruit or toast provided by the school kitchen staff.

Writing and drawing materials will be provided by the school, so there is no need for your child to bring a pencil case.

I look forward to having a fantastic, fun filled year with you and the class. Thank you!

Letters and Downloads

Coming soon…

Class Time Table

Topic Overview


PE days are Mondays and Fridays. Children need shorts and a t-shirt for indoor PE but may wear jogging bottoms outside. Daps or trainers are necessary too. Earrings should not be worn for PE, unless your child can tape them independently. Long hair needs to be tied back. Kits should be brought into school on Mondays and may be taken home on Fridays.


If there is anything you would like to chat to me about, please feel free to catch me on the playground, or if it is a bigger issue, we can find a suitable time to meet after school one evening. I am more than happy to answer any questions or help with any concerns where I can.


If you are available to help in school, I would really appreciate it. Extra help is always welcome!

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