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Year 6 Oaks

Class teacher: Mrs Kate Latham (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays) and Mr Perry (Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays)

Teaching Assistants: Miss Hadgj

Year Group: Year 6

Age Range: 10-11 years


Class Information

Welcome to Oaks Class. Year 6 is a great year full of exciting opportunities and memorable moments. We hope to give your child a fantastic final year at Holy Trinity. Here are some key pieces of information that we hope will be of use to you and answer any questions you may have.

Teacher Days:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday = Mrs Latham (Planning, preparation and assessment time covered by Mr Powe)
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday = Mr Perry (Planning, preparation and assessment time covered by Mrs Garraway)

All Y6 pupils are given responsible roles. We expect them to set the highest standard for all the younger pupils. As part of this, the children should not wear jewellery, bracelets, bangles, nail varnish or make up. Ear-rings should be small studs or small plain sleepers. Correct school uniform should be worn every day, and all shoulder-length hair should be tied back.

Pencil cases:
School will provide all the equipment that they need on a day to day basis, including pencil cases.

We will regularly set homework in year 6. Although not compulsory, we feel it will really support your child’s classroom work. Homework will be set on a Thursday and marked together in class on a Tuesday. Homework may include:

Children may be given a section of text to read with comprehension questions to answer. The style of the questions ensures that children are understanding what they are reading, can recall information, understand language used and effect of purposeful techniques by the author.

Grammar homework will be based on work from the lessons in class that week. It will be given out on a sheet and marked together to consolidate the learning.

Maths homework will either be on a separate sheet or on children’s individual logins on ‘MyMaths’ (www.mymaths.co.uk). Children may be set different tasks to others depending on many things such as needing further practice or challenge, revising a specific area or catching up on a topic due to absence.

Other homework:
Over the course of the year, some topic work or projects may be set, and these could potentially replace the normal homework for several weeks. Occasionally, practice sats papers may come home in preparation for the end of KS2 assessments.

Spellings will be taught and set on a Monday and tested on a Friday. All spellings are recorded and tested in a small spelling book which should come home on a Monday and be back in school ready for the test.

If you feel unsure about any specific curriculum content or methods that we use to teach your child, and this is impacting on your ability to support them effectively at home, please feel free to ask in school for some explanation or reassurance. If your child doesn’t understand the task, they must come and speak to one of us about this in plenty of time to meet the deadline.

Children will be asked to bring their reading books home every evening, and should be encouraged to read as often as possible. They must record what they are reading and their response to it in their reading diaries. Adults can also sign and comment in these.

Times Tables:
The importance of learning times tables by heart cannot be understated. As the children undertake more complex maths, in areas such as area, volume, ratio, fractions etc., those who have mastered the instant recall of their tables generally complete calculations more quickly and accurately. Regular practice is the key, and we urge you to support your children either by letting them chant tables to you or with you, or by asking them quick-fire questions so they can practise their recall skills.

SAT tests:
SATs week will be at the beginning of May. Please make a note of the date and avoid planning anything that might keep your child from school during that week. Please be aware that, from the very start of the year, a key focus in Y6 is to avoid the building up of any unnecessary stress or pressure; we would appreciate your support in this as it doesn’t help the children at all. Preparation for the SATs will be a part of our classroom discussions all year long, but it will always be made clear that the tests are a measure of school performance and effectiveness rather than something the children need to panic about.

We look forward enormously to working with you and your children this year!

Letters and Downloads

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Class Time Table

Topic Overview


PE kit should come in every Monday. The kit is a white or yellow t-shirt, plain black shorts and daps or trainers. Plain black tracksuit bottoms are allowed in cold weather, but not as an alternative to shorts in all lessons (cultural / religious exceptions to this are of course accommodated). If hair is of shoulder length, it should be tied back for all PE, and watches must be removed. Any ear-rings that cannot be removed, e.g. those in newly-pierced ears, will be covered with tape. When children forget their kit, we cannot allow them to miss their PE lessons. We have a box of spare kit to look through, and if they cannot find suitable items in there, children will have to do their lesson in their school clothes. Management of belongings is a key skill to develop in Y6 as we prepare children for the rigours of secondary school, so we log every time a child forgets their kit. On every second occasion they will miss some break time as a sanction. On Tuesdays and Fridays, the children have PE for the last lesson of the day and will therefore wear their PE kit home. Please ensure that it comes back in ready for the next lesson.

Parent / teacher liaison:

We really value our liaison with parents. Mrs Garraway and Mrs Ball have a parent liaison role. They can usually be found at or near the KS2 entrance in the morning. They will always be willing to forward your messages to us or to answer your questions. Should you rather discuss matters in person, we are often available briefly at the end of the day before meetings begin, but it is advisable to check via the office or to make an appointment in advance. Please also email the school if there is any information regarding your child which you may want to bring to our attention.


Our water coolers are designed to fill containers. For this reason, it is important that every child has a water bottle in school every day, to enable them to have drinks whenever they need them. Bottles should be named and regularly cleaned.

Fruit tuck

We encourage the children to bring a healthy fruit snack to eat mid-morning. This should be fruit. Please be aware that some of the processed ‘fruity’ snacks or ones covered in yoghurt may contain considerable amounts of additional sugar along with the fruit.


Parent helpers can have a massive impact on children’s learning: last year alone, parent helpers in Oaks class played a key part in raising certain pupils’ skills in times tables, mental maths and reading. If you would be interested in helping out in school, either with Oaks or any other class, please let us or another staff member know. We can usually find jobs to match your strengths and talents with the children’s (or the teachers’) needs!

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